Demo Program

Residential Hearing Services’ Demo Program is specifically designed so that a patient can make the best decision for themselves. We would rather show you what a hearing aid is capable of so that you have the power to make a good consumer decision. Our core belief: given the correct information, and a real-life experience with space and time, the patient will be able to make the decisions that are in their own best interest. Our mission simply is to guide you. 

Custom programed trial hearing aids delivered to your doorstep. 

After an initial consultation during your hearing test, our providers will be able to custom program a hearing aid to fit your specific hearing loss and needs. After programing the hearing aid, it will be delivered straight to your door by one of our trained technicians during your Demo Fit Appointment. Just like the hearing test, our technicians will bring all the necessary technology to connect you with your doctor and the hearing aid to your own device. The doctor will walk you through how to use the hearing aid and answer any questions you may have during the appointment. The hearing aids are yours to try for two weeks worry-free.

Check out our Hearing Aid page to see what types of hearing aids you can demo!

Demo Program Includes:

  • One fit per circuit
  • One adjust per circuit
  • Up to a 15 day trial period
  • No obligation to buy
  • Only $180 to Demo

Residential Hearing Services’ Demo Program Policy

A patient may demo up to two hearing aids at one time. Two hearing aids make up one circuit. A circuit may be loaned out to a patient for a two-week demo trial period.  Only one circuit will be loaned each Demo Program. Each Demo Program will come with two appointments: one fitting appointment and one consultation appointment.

The Demo Program costs $180. There is no obligation to buy demoed hearing aids and no hidden fees.

Demo Program Policy Exceptions

If you are using a 3rd party payer such as Epic, Amplifon, Hearing Care Solutions or others, you may demo one circuit under their plan.

If someone wishes to be fit with an alternative circuit after their original Demo Program, it will cost $180. 

If someone wishes for additional adjustment visits during the demo period, there will be a service fee based on hourly rates.